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Nikhil M. Java


Год рождения
стаж с 2013 года

Java Front/React.js Bootstrap Front/TypeScript DB/MySQL DB/PostgreSQL DB/Mongo
- Java, Java Script (ES5 ES6), TypeScript.
- JAVA (Java 1.7 1.8, J2EE, Advance Java), Spring MVC, JDBC Template, Spring
boot, Spring JPA (Curd Hibernate), Spring Security.
- HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Java script ES5 ES6, React JS (Functional or Class
base component, react hooks, Redux, React Router, Material UI)
- Apache Tomcat, Docker ( docker compose), Jenkins.
- EC2, VPC with private and public subnet, Cognito (User Management Service), RDS(Relational Database Service), KMS(key management service), ECR(Elastic Container Registry)
- MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
- Eclipse, Bash, SourceTree ( VS code Sublime, ChromeChrome’s Dev tool,
Jira Confluence, Asana

2013 - Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science Mumbai University Mu mbai, India.



TerminalX Crypto Meta Exchange
Описание The TerminalX offers proprietary access to a robust, customised ecosystem of institutional grade tools and services that leverage blockchain technology for the wealth management industry. The TerminalX is desi gned for use by hedge fund traders, analysts, portfolio managers and operations staff.
This application was designed and developed using various technology stack like Java, web socket, spring, rabbit mq, react, aws etc.

• Design & Develop Microservices using Spring MVC and Spring boot Framework and Microservices deployment on Amazon Webservices.
• Involved in Docker Containerization of different microservices using DockerFile and Docker-Compose File
• Worked on python scripts to create products, instrument pairs using web sockets on Alphapoint from coinapi which provides data APIs to cryptocurrency markets.
• Worked on Web-sockets for sending crypto pairs to BCT (Blockchain Terminal) exchange.
• Write Junit Test cases to test the services for end-to-end workflow of the application.
• Publishing and Subscribing messages from and to on Rabbit MQ server.
• Check-in and Check-out code functionality using GIT Distributed version control system.
• Worked on Satori real-time messaging service to subscribe orderbook, recent trades and send it to rabbit mq server for normalization which filters data from coinapi and satori messages based on exchange timestamp.
• Worked on Grafana Visualization analytics monitoring tool, to display various graphite metrics on the dashboard.
• Worked on Grafana to analyze and visual metrics such as CPU memory, disk and I/O utilization for AWS EC2 resources using cloud watch with panels and graphs.
• For Frontend we used React JS and its libraries like Routers, React-Hooks, Material-UI.
• Redux and Thunk for state management in front end app.
Технологии Java 1.8, Maven, MySQL, Web sockets, Log4j, JUnit, Spring Framework, Rabbit MQ, AWS, Satori real time messaging service ( Graphit e, Grafana. React, Redux. Docker, Asana, Jenkins
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Описание TRS (Trade Recon System) is single cross asset global recon engine for various trading system for Credit Derivatives, Interest r ate swaps, FX etc. It reconciles trades from various upstream and downstream systems for batch processing ( intraday) as well as for real time processing.
This application was designed using Java, J2EE, Spring framework, Spring Boot, JPA as middle la yer and html, CSS, java script, react as UI. TRS processes data from various data sources databases like oracle, Sybase as well feed files.

• Designed and developed application using various technology stack
• Created application framework and designed and developed various micro services
• Designed and developed Java services for processing trade data from feed files
• Implemented application UI framework using HTML, CSS, Java Script, react components etc.
• Designed interfaces connectors, REST services to pull data from various data sources
• Wrote complex SQL for reconciling data for various data sources
• Worked on trade viewer module which shows recon results using various filters
• Created deployment process for deploying all services on AWS
• Created Unix scripts for Batch processing.
• Effectively communicate in team, with BA and many times directly with end users for requirement gathering, testing and production issues and queries.
• Responsible for coordinating with Middle ware/Unix and Database teams for Implementing/deploying major release and thoroughly testing the functionalities & Responsible for day today production support to the business users
• Used various technologies and hand on experience in Java core java ,collections multi threading, spring ,Oracle PL
SQL Shell scripting react java script HTML, CSS etc.
Технологии Java 1.8, Maven Spring Framework/ spring boot, JPA, Rabbit MQ, AWS, React, Redux, Docker, git, Oracle, Sybase, shell script, Jira, Confluence etc
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Access Online
Описание An online banking system is developed for customer transactions. Enterprise Application enables an organization to more effectively manage purchasing, travel and fleet card programs. Other functionality includes account summary, current transactions, history of transactions.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Analyzed business requirements and participated in technical design, development and testing of various modules.
• Developed using Core Java and supported Java/J2EE applications with emphasis on OOP-based web forms, business logic, database access components.
• Debugged and fixed the problems that were found during the different phases of the project.
• Performed validation on UI using spring framework.
• Configured the spring framework for busines s logic layer with XML bean configuration files.
• Responsibilities included designing and developing new back end services, maintaining and expanding our AWS infrastructure
• Utilized RabbitMQ as the messaging middleware
• Worked on Oracle10g database for storing and retrieving the application data. · Implemented on React concepts like component State views etc.
• Worked with CSS3 background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors.
• Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
Технологии Java, J2EE, CSS, Java Script, React, Oracle, Spring, REST, GIT, UNIX, JIRA, Confluenc
Длительность Jan 2017 Sept 2017 месяцев


Verity 360
Описание This
project was a multi functional HR application tool created for small to medium size businesses. The application was
created to simplify HR roles in an efficient manner. The application was also tailore d to serve the Recruiter team as well.
This application was developed using Java J2EE platform on cloud and it has various customised versions for clients. With the
Management dashboard, you will have the PNL data all the time to help you manage your finan ces effectively. With
the monthly billing and expense report, you can track your finances all the time.

·Design and develop secure multi tier web applications capable of handling Verity modules data of verity 360
· Evaluate new technologies and their application to optimize current versions of Verity 360.
·Responsible in maintaining continuous integration stacks and Java dependency management/ build tools. GIT, JIRA,
Jenkins, Docker
·Using Java, J2EE for backend application deve lopment for Verity module.
·Uses Spring MVC framework, Spring Boot in building the Verity application module
·Able to create RESTful Web Services.
·Write complex SQL, Store procedures and database queries for MYSQL database
·Implement data access layer using J ava JDBC and perform CURD operations on DB
·Developing the User interface for the first level authentication and service authorisation utilising Java Based front
end UI
·Will be involved in developing cloud based applications for Verity module either in AWS.
·Help in creating working demos for various clients and implement running UI for such presentations.
Технологии Java 1.7, Multi threading, Spring Core, Spring MVC, JDBC template, REST, MySQL 5.7, Log4j, JUnit, AWS, Docker, Jenkins, Git, Jira, Confluence, jQuery, Java script, Apache Tomcat 8.5
Длительность Jan 2013 Dec 2016 месяцев


Описание SAS
based solution for small business merchants to m anage their customers, inventory, billing, reporting etc. It
supports product configuration so any small businesses can use this portal for e commerce application.
This application was designed using Java, Core Java, Spring MVC, HTML/CSS, JSP and deployed on AWS. solution for all
kind of users, weaver display as aggregated platform where manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and designer will find
place to showcase their products.

• Developed use cases from the functional specifications
• Involved in developing Business Entity components using Core Java
• Involved in developing Front end using JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
• Actively involved in design and development of various modules using Java, Core Java, Collection, Spring Core, Spring MVC and hibernate as Persistence layer
• Wrote PL/SQL stored procedures and packages for executing the database queries and getting the required data and for updating the data
• Involved in deployment of application on UNIX platform
• Good Experience working in environments using Agile (SCRUM).
Технологии J2EE, Spring MVC, HTML, CSS, bootstrap, JSP, jQuery, Java script, Multi thre ading, Git, Collection framework, Log4j, JUnit, JDBC, Apache Tomcat 7.0
Длительность Jan 2017 Sept 2017 месяцев


EZDataCrest (
Описание EZDataCrest is a reporting tool specially targeted towards the healthcare and insurance industries. Due to
fast changing regulations users n eed to have data readily available in various formats for both decision makers and
market analysts. This is a lightweight tool, which can be easily configured as needed for an input data source as well as output data formats.
EZDataCrest Customised solut ion for reporting which can seamlessly work with any data source by changing configuration.
·Developed mid tier java components like DAO and Service components. Technologies used are J2EE ( Servlet, JPA), Core Java, HTML, JavaScript an d Java Tag Library.
·Used Git for version control
·Developed database Schema for Rapid Data entry application.
·Developing prototypes in HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
·Used jQuery to manipulate dom element.
·Involved in fixing defect
·Developed web services for the External service calls.
·Used JAXB for delivering reports in XML.
·Used Log4j library for log reporting
Технологии Core Java (JDK 1.7), J2EE, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Log4j, Apache Tomcat 7.0 JavaScript and Java Tag Library JUnit Git, jQuery
Длительность Jan 2013 Dec 2016 месяцев