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Александр С. Python/Django

Россия, Ростов-на-Дону

Год рождения
стаж с 2013 года

Python Bootstrap Python/Django DB/MySQL
OS: Linux Debian
Markup: HTML5, CSS, Markdown, Bootstrap
Backend: Python: Fastapi, SQLAlchemy, Django, DRF
VCS: Git
Tests: Unit, TDD
IDE: Pycharm, Atom
Design Pattern: MVC
Scraping: BeautifulSoup.
Front-end: Base JavaScript

2009 - 2015 - Southern Federal University / Math and Computer Science

Foreign languages:
English - Intermediate



Cleaning company automation
Описание This is a system for inspecting objects (Offices, Shopping
Centers, Shops, Private Houses, etc.) for subsequent cleaning.

Responsibilities: Composing the data structure
Writing business logic on the server side
Establishing interactions with external APIs,
Supplementing the functionality of the Android version of the application
Supplementing the functionality of the Web version of the application
Технологии AWS EC2, MySQL, Python, Java, Android, Html, JS
Длительность месяцев


Описание The system provided the most simple interface for
working with data of any structure. So simple that even a junior developer can get started on an extremely complex project in almost a couple of days.
It also automatically laid out the data in the most flexible, cost-effective way. So economical that more than one entered value was not saved twice in the

Responsibilities: The complete development of this system from start to finish.
Технологии MySQL, Python
Длительность месяцев