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Иван Б. Front/React.js

Россия, Брянск

Год рождения
стаж с 2018 года

Node.JS Front/React.js Bootstrap Front/TypeScript DB/Mongo
JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Typescript, Next.js, Express.js, Vanilla.js, Nx, HTML5, CSS3, Redux, Webpack, PostgreSQL, Bootrap, MongoDB, Git, CI/CD, SASS/ SCSS, Figma, Unit Testing

Hexlet - Advanced courses JS, 2019
Udemy - JS, NodeJs, React, mongoDB, Dockers,

English - Advanced



Описание Performing small tasks on projects and fixing old code
(filtering, adding new small features, CSS styles).
Технологии React, Redux, CSS
Длительность 5 месяцев


1xbit-Progressive Web App
Описание Creating a modern PWA for online betting (added web
app features to install on mobile/desktop devices and
with automatic cache cleanup, which also caches basic
assets and some routes from fetch)
Технологии React, Vanilla.js, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Express, Redux, Bootstrap, socket.io,websockets
Длительность 3 месяцев


Resat Shop
Описание Store online with no payment method (admin panel,
adding product/discounts/prices/mailout...)
Developed, wrote design and ran server via containers
on AWS EC2 services.
Deployed on AWS EC2 (Ubuntu server) running the web
application in 4 containers.
Технологии MERN. Node.js Express, React.js, Nginx, MongoDB, MongoAtlas
Длительность 5 месяцев


FuelUp Education
Описание Volunteer project from India (spreading education in
regions of India where there are no funds for
teachers). Free analog of Udemy.
Ralized best authorization practices for REST api
(access-tokens, refresh-tokens, user roles). Created
from scratch, data/input sanitize, + enhanced
As an interface, under my control team creates a
page interface (4-6 trainees).
Технологии MERN. Node.js Express, React.js, WebPack, Nginx, MongoDB, MongoAtlas
Длительность 1 год 2 мес. месяцев


Casino International Batumi
Описание Rewriting registrations / player statuses (win-losscash, etc.).
Responsibilities: applying best frontend development
practices. Project from scratch (registration, sending
data to server and displaying correctly)
Технологии React
Длительность 6 месяцев


Social media
Описание A platform where competitions are held for developers.
The platform has personal accounts where people
submit their solutions and see their results. There are
sophisticated leaderboards with metrics, calculations,
conversions, followers, etc.
Responsive layout and animation for Chrome, Firefox,
Safari. (animation with framer-motion and reactintersection-observer), logic and layout (cross-platform
+ cross-browser). Split business logic and UI logic in
react components. Custom hooks (both individual and
reusable) and custom selectors. Refactor components,
image cutting, user registration. DRY + KISS principles,
application logic and layout (cross-platform + crossbrowser). Fixing bugs in the layout and logic of the
application. Reusable components as well as the layout
+ logic of individual components . Work with backender
in team as well as customization of old react
components for design/logic/features update.
Технологии React Redux Typescript CSS/SCSS-modules, preact redux-zero
Длительность 5 месяцев